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Meet The Team

Royce Real Estate Ashland Oregon Golden Tree Logo

Royce Real Estate is a mid-sized, independent Ashland real estate company located in downtown Ashland, Oregon.

And because we’re an independent company, we don’t have to work within the constraints of a large real estate corporation or franchise. So we can make decisions that benefit our clients (rather than a parent company), and we can act on those decisions quickly. 

Royce Real Estate was founded in 2005 by Sandy Royce, who’s been working as a real estate broker in Ashland for over 20 years. At Royce Real Estate we are dedicated to providing you with the best possible results whether you’re selling your much-loved current property or purchasing your new property to love.

Over the last several years, Royce Real Estate has enlisted some very talented brokers with significant real estate experience — an average of 10 years per broker.

The office is located right in the heart of downtown Ashland, on Main Street, just across from Starbucks and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival Theatres.

Sandy Royce

Owner & Principal Broker

Call: (541) 941-1453

Sandy stands apart from other top agents with the very personalized service she offers. When you become a client, she will not pass you off to others in the company! Her by-line has always been "professional service with a very personal approach". With Sandy, there is no "one size fits all". She helps prepare the property to bring the optimum price and she customizes her marketing plan and materials for each individual Seller. For Buyers, she researches and also tours the prospective properties, whenever possible, to make sure they meet the Buyers' needs. As one long-time repeat client has said "Sandy treats each client as if they are her only client - although

they certainly are not!"

Sandy Royce Ashland Oregon Real Estate Agent
Carly Street Ashland Oregon Real Estate Agent

Carly Street

Carly's Real Estate career in the Rogue Valley spans over 15 years. Carly realized as a young adult her passion for real estate. As a native Ashlander, Carly began as one of the youngest brokers in the valley and has not looked back since. Turns out that Carly's instincts and love of the law, Southern Oregon, and working with people combined to be a great fit for a career in real estate.

Charles Bridges

Charles began his real estate career with Royce Real Estate Services in February 2019.  Prior to that, he had acquired over 15 years in marketing, advertising and public relations, many of those years in real estate.  He is a natural marketer and enjoys graphic design.   He has resided in the Rogue Valley for over 20 years.  Charles is very personable, outgoing and enjoys meeting and working with people from all backgrounds and interests.  Charles and his partner David prefer to do business by referral.  Our primary goal is to do good work and build relationships for life.  We would love the opportunity of serving you with all your real estate needs. 


Registered Civil Engineer

Charles Bridges Ashland Oregon Real Estate Agent
David Dismukes Ashland Oregon Real Estate Agent

David Dimsuke

David has 9+ years of real estate experience.  He began his career with Century 21 in Medford, and later worked with John L. Scott, also in Medford. During his tenure there, he received many accolades from satisfied clients whose transactions he saw through to successful closing.  He later

affiliated with Gallagher and Lindsey Realtors in Alameda, CA.  David has a heart and passion for real estate.  For him and his partner Chuck Bridges, it isn't about just making a sale. It is about building relationships for life and doing meaningful and gratifying work.  He has resided in the Rogue Valley for well over 30 years.  David is proud to be affiliated with Sandy Royce who has owned Royce Real Estate Services for over 30 years.  David has great personal integrity and is personable, professional, articulate and knowledgeable in the practice of real estate.

Alexzandra Watson

Office Manager

Alexzandra Watson has worked as an attorney for several years and is now moving into real estate. Originally from California, she grew up in Ashland and graduated from Southern Oregon University before getting her law degree at University of San Francisco School of Law. 


Having worked with the community for years as an attorney, Alex is well versed in client relations, communication, and keeping her clients’ confidences. Alex is detail oriented, and goal driven making her the perfect person to join the real estate world. She has always had a love for real estate and enjoys helping people find their perfect home.  


Alex lives in Ashland with her husband and children. She enjoys teaching law classes as an adjunct professor at SOU, watching her kids play soccer and college football,  and volunteering with community organizations.  


Registered Civil Engineer

Alexzandra Watson Ashland Oregon Real Estate Agent
Ron Rivard Video Artist

Ron Rivard

3D Reality Capture

Ron Rivard is the owner of Pacific 3D Reality Capture, who offers 2D, 3D and VR Reality Capture cinematic experience.  He will provide videography for the Coleman Hills development. His highly trained and experienced team designs 3D tours, 2D schematic drawings, and immersive virtual reality experience, plus he captures panoramic photos of the development.  

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